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How to build your own diamond fly tent
Another set of instructions for making a diamond
An interesting article and pictures on different ways to set up a diamond

35 DIFFERENT ways to set up a shelter with ONE tarp! (And a WHOLE lot more information!)

An article on building a wickiup

How to Build a Log Cabin
How to Build Log Cabin Walls

Mountain Man Camping

Clothing: Men and Boys

A dictionary of 18th century clothing terms

Some notes on Men's Civilian clothes in the 18th century

What should I wear??

How to sew an 18th century men's shirt
And another pattern with some history, details and instructions
And one more really good one!

Special Clothes for LITTLE ones

How to fingerweave a sash
More fingerweaving instructions and patterns

Clothing: Women and Girls

How to sew a woman's or girl's 18th century shift
This one helps with all sorts of other information too.
Here's another pattern you can try

How to make women's 18th century stays
Another set of instructions

Please, oh PLEASE, don't use that little vest looking thing! Here's why....
"Of Gowns, Jackets, 'Shortgowns', and Bedgowns: What Should I Really Be Wearing?" by Sue Felshin
Information and Instructions to make a Bedjacket
A period painting and instructions to make a shortgown
Here are some more really great instructions!
How to sew an 18th century petticoat (skirt)
Here is some more information on the petticoat

Every lady needs a head covering! Here are some wonderful directions on how to make one!
Information on women's headcoverings
More information on styles of caps and what we know of them.

All sorts of things to know about aprons
Simple instructions for making an 18th century apron. (Just don't use the glue!!!)

Ooooo! Fans from the 18th century!

Special Clothes for LITTLE ones

18th Century Sewing Skills

18th Century stitches and sewing techniques

How to make 18th century covered buttons

How to sew an 18th century worked button hole

Instructions sheet for making Dorset orThread buttons

More information and styles of Dorset buttons from 50 Heirloom Buttons to Make by Nancy Nehring

How to sew eyelet holes

How to do a burn test to check the fiber content of your fabric


Accoutrements from Muzzleloader Magazine

How to make a haversack

How to make a snapsack to carry your stuff

How to make a shooting pouch

How to make a market wallet

How to make a canvas knapsack
A second style of knapsack, used by Butler's Rangers in 1779

How to carve a wooden spoon

How to carve a wooden dough bowl

Tinsmithing for Those With More Than the Usual Number of Thumbs, by J. Gottfred

Making a Copper Trade Kettle

How to make a powderhorn

Make a gourd canteen

How to make a leather bottle


Sketches and notes on the camp stools used by General George Washington

A 6-plank chest/stool designed by David Brown, aka Cornelius Doghearty

A really cool folding camp bed/chair

A Trestle table pattern
A 14th century trestle table - history, pattern & building instructions
Plans for a folding table
Another set of plans for a folding table

A Simple wooden bench

An interesting chair pattern
A "Folding" Slat Chair
A Small Stool
A very primitive/rugged stool
Plans for a folding stool
Another version

A Wooden Chest, put together with pegs!
The same chest, more accurately done
A really nice one - more modern instructions/design

Plans for a rope bed
And another one
Plans for an early American cradle

One version of a kitchen box
Another version

How to weave a basket
How to weave a reed basket

Woods Skills

The first part of an article on trapping
The second part of the trapping article

Mountain Man Camping

Wilderness survival skills

A series of videos on how to build a fire
Or try this series
How to start a fire by friction
Using a bow drill
YouTube video - How to start a fire with flint & steel
Another from Google Video

A video series from Expert Village on how to track animals
More on tracking - to include pictures of tracks
Outdoor Action Guide to Animal Tracking

18th & early 19th Century Navigation

How to Build a Birchbark Canoe

Toys & Games

How to play 18th century games

How to make a whirligig

How to Make Benjamin Franklin's kites!

How to play marbles and make your own

Other 18th Century Entertainments

The History of Tea-time
Another source for History of Tea in Britain/br> Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate in Early Colonial America
18th Century music and dance

How to dance an 18th century country dance

Reading, Writing & Speaking

How to read 18th century writing

The 18th century alphabet... and that funny "f" looking "s"!

18th Century Copperplate Handwriting

Samples of Handwriting from 1795 - 1838

How to read 18th century documents

Quill pens the 18th century way

How to say hello in the 18th century! (And how to properly address someone you're talking to!)

How to speak 18th century

The Most Common 18th Century Greetings and Farewells

How to cut quills from feathers