Seed Type Definitions

Open-pollinated: These seeds are usually pollinated by natural agencies (i.e. wind or insects) rather than human intervention. Sometimes, gardeners will help these plants pollinate in order to keep the variety pure. Seeds from open-pollinated plants can be saved to grow the next season. Their offspring will be "true", meaning they will be exact duplicates of their parent plants. (See "hybrid" below.)

Heirloom Seeds: Heirloom seeds are those that can be traced back at least a century and are not hybridized, which means they reproduce in a natural, or open, pollination process.

Old-Fashioned Seeds: These seeds may or may not be open-pollinated, and the varieties are usually between 50 - 100 years old.

Hybrid Seeds: These seeds come from a cross between to parent varieties and are bred for specific qualities such as longevity or disease resistance. Very often, the seeds from such plants are sterile, or if they do germinate, the plants do not grow identical to the parents.

Seed & Garden Supply Companies

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