Tips & Recipes for Using Beans & Other Legumes

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Information on Using Legumes & Sprouts (Legumes = dried peas & beans)

Giving New Life to Old Beans from January 1990 Ensign

Lots of Interesting Bean Recipes:
Quick-baked beans
Beans with Tomato Sauce
Beaus au gratin
Bean Sausage
U.S. Senate Bean Soup
Congressional Bean Soup
Chuck Wagon Beans
New Orleans Style Creole Red Beans
Bean Sandwich Spread
Chop Suey
Bean Loaf
Scalloped Dish
Lima's with Spanish Sauce
Tuna Bean Salad
Hearty Sandwiches

How to make Refried Beans from your Home Storage

Yummy Bean Sausage or Loaf - Using dry beans

A Bean Soup Recipe

Pintos, Pintos, Pintos! - recipes for Pinto Beans:
Quick Pinto Bean Fudge
Bean Sausage
Wheat Casserole
A vas Panama (an interesting variation on refried beans)
French Market Soup Mix
French Market Soup
Ranch Style Beans
Three Days of Beans
Bean Bread
Bean Pie
Chili Mac con Carne
Pinto Bean Cake
Spicy Zucchini Bean Bread
Western Beans
Wheat and Bean Chili
Harvest Pie
Brown Sugar Pie

Recipes for Kidney Beans & Lentils
Marinated Three Bean Salad
Bean and Egg Salad
Meatless Chili
Four Bean Salad
Red Beans and Rice - version 1
Red Beans and Rice - version 2
Creole Red Beans and Rice
Three Bean Salad
Vegetarian Lentil Soup
Brown Rice and L

Recipes for Navy (or white) Beans
Apple Pie Filling Baked Beans
Cheesy Apple-Bean Bake
Dutch Vegetable Cheese Soup
Bean Soup
Bean and Bacon Soup
Grandma's Beans (Danish)
Navy Bean Bundt Cake
Good Luck Soup
JoAnn's Chili
Basic Baked Beans
Baked Beans
Microwave Baked Beans

Recipes for Using Lima Beans
Lamb, Pumpkin and Lima Bean Soup
My Style Dry beans
Limas and Franks
Calico Beans

Tips and Recipes for Using Soybeans
Basic Fresh Soybean recipe
Basic Dried Soybean recipe
Basic Baked Soybeans
Boston-Baked Soybeans
Basic Soybean Casserole
Soybean Chili con Carne
Soybean-Vegetable Salad
Soybean-Jello Salad
Soybean Meat Substitute
Soybean Nuts
Soybean Spread

Recipes Using All Sorts of Peas
Southern Baked Pork and Beans
Hoppin' John
Naked Children in the Grass
Black-eyed Fritters

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